Kerala: Girl Dies After 22-Year-Old Brother Mixed Poison In Her Ice Cream Because He Wanted To Live Alone

Kasaragod, India: A 22-year-old Indian man was arrested by the police on Thursday for murdering his sister by mixing poison in her ice cream.

Preliminary investigations by the police said that the man wanted to live alone.

The horrible brother killed his sister by mixing poison in her ice cream, which she consumed.

His sister and parents consumed the ice cream on the evening of August 4, 2020.

The 16-year-old sister died on August 5, 2020, in Kasaragod.

The police said that they have recorded the statement of Albin, the brother of the 16-year-old sister.

Albin confessed to the police that he had mixed poison in her ice cream because he wanted to live alone.

Benny, the father of Albin, was also admitted to the hospital on August 5, 2020, along with his daughter after they complained of feeling unwell.

The wife of Benny was not rushed or brought to the hospital, it is said that she is feeling well.

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