Kerala Woman Runs After Bus, Stops It, And Helps Blind Elderly Man To Board It

A kind-hearted woman in Kerala was filmed running behind a bus to flag it down and help an elderly visually impaired man board it.

The video of the incident is viral on social media, and it shows the woman running after the bus and telling the conductor to wait for a bit so the blind man board it.

Supriya, the woman in the video, did the kind act in Thiruvalla.

In the video, Supriya could be seen chasing the public bus, stopping it, then running back to help the elderly man.

The elderly man, whose identity was not shared on the public, was walking with a cane.

She helped him walk up to the bus and board it before going back on her way.

Supriya was unaware that her good deed was being recorded by Joshua, an onlooker, who shared the amazing video on social media.

The video went viral on WhatsApp and was passed to IPS officer Vijayakumar, who shared it on Twitter with the caption of:

She made this world a better place to live. Kindness is beautiful!” he wrote while sharing the video.

The video that was shared by IPS Vijayakumar has been viewed by over 620,000 people

Supriya was waiting outside a store, a textile shop where she had been working for the last 3 years when she saw the elderly man.

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