London: Indian Mother Who Beat 7-Month-Old Daughter To Death Gets 6 Years In Jail

33-year-old Shalina Padmanabha, an Indian woman, who beat her 7-month-old daughter to death and abused the poor infant for more than 3 months, has been sentenced to serve 6 months in Jail.

The 33-year-old mother abused 7-month-old Shagun for nearly three months.

Reports suggest that the baby sustained injuries on her head.

The police believe that Shalina hit her continuously on her head or bashed her head against something hard.

Baby Shagun was brought to the Whipps Cross Hopital in Leytonstone, East Lond, but the infant succumbed to her injuries on August 15, 2017.

Justice McGowan sentenced Shalina, the Justice said, “You had, in my experience, an unprecedented amount of care and intervention. I accept entirely that you are devastated by the loss of your child. You were carrying out acts of assault against this baby or knew, no doubt almost immediately after an incident occurred that you had done something you shouldn’t. It is entirely wrong to say you show remorse and even now you do not accept responsibility.”

Reports suggest that baby Shagun sustained two fractures on her skull, which were 8cm and 11cm fractures.

Officials also revealed that Shagun had injuries on her legs.

The autopsy report of Shagun revealed a number of older injuries that were still healing.

The baby also had cracked ribs and had internal bleeding behind her eyes.

The father of baby Shagun released a statement about the death of her child, he said, “I will live with anguish for the rest of my life that I will never be able to see my girl again. I will never be able see her grow up, educate and have her own life. Me and my family lost a precious human being. I really adored my girl.”

Investigating officers told the jurors that some of the injuries baby Shagun had were around 3 months old.

A jury cleared out the name of Shalina of murder, but she was convicted in manslaughter and cruelty against a person who is under 16-years-old.

Baby Shagun spent 4 and half months in the hospital as she was born prematurely and was facing a number of medical problems.

After baby Shagun was discharged from the hospital, doctors asked the parents of the infant to have specialist fed her through a tube.

The baby had severe eczema and a small hole in her head when she was discharged from the hospital.

Due to the poor health conditions of Baby Shagun, the infant had to undergo a number of surgeries and a number of health experts were in-charge of monitoring her health progress on a daily basis.

Natalia Ross, a Detective Chief Inspector, said, “Shalini Padmanabha subjected her daughter to repeated assaults over the course of several weeks. She should have protected Shagun but, instead, was the person who caused her death and this is something she will have to live with for the rest of her life.”

She added, “This has been a particularly tough case to investigate for the officers involved, many of whom are parents themselves, and I want to praise their professionalism and dedication in the search for justice. My thoughts go out to the rest of Shagun’s family.”

The jail time of Shalina will be isolated and lonely.

Shalina has been convicted of manslaughter and cruelty against a person who is under 16 years of age and will serve 6 years at Old Bailey.

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