Odisha: Wild Bear Enters Residential Area And Attacks Man, Locals Save Him By Hitting Animal With Sticks

Odisha, India: A wild bear was caught on cam attacking a man after it entered a residential area in Bhawanipatna.

According to reports, locals rescued the man by hitting the animal with sticks.

Locals report that the bear ran away after it got hit by sticks, leaving the man with serious injuries.

The incident reportedly happened in a residential area of the city in Odisha’s Kalahandi district on Friday.

A video of the incident is currently viral on the internet.

The district forest officails said that they have got a complaint for the incident.

Nitish Kumar, a district forest officer, said that they are trying to locate and rescue the wild bear.

Kumar added:

This is happening for the second time during my tenure, first was on August 15 and then it has happened today. One tranquillising team is ready and after tranquillising it, we will leave it in the forest.

Authorities did not reveal the current health status of the man.

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