Police Confiscate 160 kgs Of Marijuana, Report Only 1 kg, And Sell 159 kgs To Local Drug Dealer

4 police officers in India were suspended by the higher authorities for selling 159 kilograms of marijuana that was confiscated from a local drug dealer.

The police officers from the Jahangirpuri Police Station in New Delhi were reportedly involved in a raid on September 11, 2020.

A total of 160 kilograms of marijuana was confiscated from Anil, a local drug dealer. He was arrested too on the same day.

Working alongside other personnel the 4 police officers, this includes 2 sub-inspectors and 2 head constables, seized marijuana from a room.

Anil was storing marijuana in a room in Jahangirpuri B-block.

The police said that the marijuana came from Odisha.

A police officer said that the large haul was brought to the local police station, however, after the arrest of Anil, the 4 police officers took a bribe of Rs 150,000 to settle the matter.

Anil was released from the police station and no charges were filed against him.

The police officers only said in the report that 1 kilogram of the 160 kilograms of marijuana was found.

The men sold the remaining 159 kilograms of marijuana and distributed the money amongst themselves.

Vijayanta Arya, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, caught wind of what may have happened following the September 11, 2020 raid.

An official inquiry was carried out into the matter.

All police that was involved in the raid were questioned and investigators tracked down Anil, who apparently revealed everything that had happened.

DCP Arya said that the 4 police officers, who were not named, were suspended after the investigation.

Anil, the real drug dealer, was arrested again and was sent to jail for selling marijuana, which is a banned drug in India.

The police are now trying to know the source that sold the 159 kilograms of Marijuana.

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