Police Officer Removes 6-Foot Python From Mumbai House And Releases It Back Into The Wild

A massive 6 foot python was recently removed from a house in Mumbai, India, by a police officer, who later released it back into the wild in the safest way possible.

The python that we are talking about managed to sneak inside a house in the Dharavi area of Mumbai.

The massive snake created panic, which made them call the authorities right away.

A video that was shared with the public recently shows the a police officer removing the snake that managed to coil itself around a wooden beam.

Police Constable Murlidhar Jadhav was seen removing the Indian rock python with their bare hands.

The officer carried out the rescue mission despite the fact that they had a fractured leg.

Mumbai Police shared the news on Twitter, where they said:

A fractured leg didn’t stop PC Murlidhar Jadhav from performing his duty, who rescued the python & released it in its natural habitat with help from the Forest Dept.

The video was watched over 10,000 times on the website.

It was later shared with the public that the snake was released back into its natural habitat.

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