Profession Over Religion: Sikh Doctor In Canada Shaves Beard So He Could Treat Coronavirus Patients

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of many, and it has forced a lot of people to make some changes.

In a similar thing, a doctor from Canada had to choose from his profession or religion, and the doctor did what was right.

Sanjeet Singh Saluja, an associate chief at the department of emergency medicine in the McGill University Health Centre’s Montreal General and Royal Victoria hospital, decided to shave his beard so he could treat coronavirus patients in Canada.

Dr. Saluja had problems wearing the mandatory N-95 mask because it could not cover his beard entirely.

In order to wear fully protective gear so they could serve coronavirus patients, Dr. Sanjeet and Dr. Rajeet, the neurosurgeon brother of Dr. Sanjeet, shaved their beards so they could serve and do their duties.

Dr. Sanjeet and Dr. Rajeet practice Sikhism, where it is mandatory to avoid shaving or cutting one’s hair.

Dr. Sanjeet talked about the incident and why it was necessary for him to do such thing

Dr. Sanjeet said he consulted his religious advisors and family members before shaving his beard.

He added:

 It was an extremely difficult decision for us, but one that we felt was absolutely necessary in this time of need…It’s a decision that has left me with much sadness. This was something that had been so much part of my identity. I look at myself in the mirror very differently now. Every morning when I see myself, it’s a bit of a shock.  Because Covid-19 has become so rampant in our community, it just wasn’t feasible anymore (not to wear a N-95 mask). There are so many people coming in. I felt I just couldn’t sit on the sidelines. This was an exception to the rule, so we had to do what we had to do to help out.

Such an amazing act by the 2 brothers, may God bless you!

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