Punjabi Man Confessed He Killed 2 Women On Live TV, Gets Arrested Mid-Show

A 31-year-old man confessed that he killed 2 women over the last 10 years on Live TV, which led him to be arrested during mid-show.

The incident happened on Tuesday.

Maninder Singh, the 31-year-old man, admitted that he killed his live-in partner on New Year’s evening.

Singh, a cab driver, killed 27-year-old Sarabjit Kaur inside a hotel room.

During the interview, Singh said, “I killed her (Sarabjit Kaur) because she was having an affair with her sister-in-law’s brother.”

Singh, a former murder convict, is currently out on bail, he also confessed another murder.

Maninder Singh confessed that he was involved in another killing, which happened in 2010.

Singh said he killed Renu, a woman, in Karnal, in 2010.

Singh explained, “She was also having an affair with a man from Uttar Pradesh.”

Maninder Singh was arrested while the program was still on the air.

The police rushed into the studio to arrest Maninder Singh.

Originally, the Haryana Police arrested him for killing Renu in 2010.

He was convicted by a trial court but was released on bail by the Punjab and Haryana High Court afterward.

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