Teacher In India Suspended For Performing “Snake Dance” During Team-Building Program For Teachers

A government school teacher from Jalore, Rajasthan, was suspended by the heads of the Rajasthan Education Department for performing the “Nagin dance”, which is also known as the “snake dance” during a team-building program that was held for teachers.

The entire incident was caught on cam, and according to reports, the incident happened around 10 days ago.

The video shows 3 teachers dancing during a break.

The video was shared on social media afterward, which led to the suspension of a teacher.

Ashok Roeshwal, the District Education Officer for Jalore, Rajasthan, released a statement about the incident and announced that a teacher had been suspended.

Officer Ashok wrote, “We have suspended a teacher who organized the dance and have issued show-cause notices to two others as they are new recruits and may not be aware of the rules. There is no harm in organizing dance and playful activities, but a code of conduct should be maintained.”

Members of the teacher community in Jalore, Rajasthan, were not happy with the decision that the local authorities made.

A teacher said, “They were just enjoying with other teachers during the break time.”

The teacher added, “What’s vulgar or harmful in this? Can’t a government employee have a good time with colleagues? This is not justified.”

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