Thief Falls Inside Drain While Trying To Steal Manhole Cover

Karma is fast, believe me!

A thief that was caught on cam trying to steal a manhole cover ended up being hit by karma really fast after they tried to steal a manhole cover.

I mean, I told you, it is fast.

The incident was filmed by onlookers in the city of Medellin, which is located in north-western Columbia.

In the video, the robber could be seen trying to lift up the manhole cover before a biker rides up alongside him.

The thief lifted the metal object over his head, but he accidentally fell inside.

People were really happy with what they saw in the video and onlookers in the video could be heard cheering.

The thief came out of the hole in visible pain and left the manhole behind him.

The video went viral right away.

I mean, why wouldn’t it?

Stealing manholes is a thing in Columbia.

In the first semester of this year alone, 103 manhole covers were stolen in the city of Barranquilla alone.

Last year, 3500 covers were stolen in Bogota and 4500 of them were stolen in Ibague.

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