Hilarious Video Shows Man Losing His Trousers During Cat Attack While He Was Walking His Dog

Some of the most hilarious incidents are captured by CCTVs and to prove that, we bring you a video that is viral on the internet right now.

A video that is viral on the internet right now shows a man losing his trousers when a cat attacked him when he was walking his dog.

You could see a small part of the man’s bum in the video after the cat attacked him.

The video, which reportedly happened in a neighborhood in Bagcilar, which is located in north-western Turkish city Istanbul.

The dog walker could be seen walking along with his dog when a cat darts straight at him.

Realizing that the cat wanted to attack the dog, the man lifted his pet dog into the air, which led the cat to jump around him as it tried to reach the dog.

The cat ended up clawing the legs of the man, and as a result, the trousers of the man went loose and they started to fall.

Luckily, bystanders were there and they helped remove the cat.

It was later reported by Sozu, a newspaper company in Turkey, that the man, who was not identified, was walking his dog past a café when he noticed the cat running towards them.

2 staff members of the café that filmed the entire incident said that the cat is a good one.

The staff said that the cat is known in the area.

However, the story behind the cat’s name is not that good.

Azrael, the cat, was named after Gargamel’s pet, who is famous in the Smurf stories.

Azrael is a fictional cat that tries to help Gargamel catch Smurfs so they could become gold bars.

The café workers said that the female cat used to have 5 kittens and she was known to be very protective.

She would usually attack dogs and other people that would approach them and her younglings.

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