Terminally-Ill Indian Woman Plants More Than 30,000 Trees To Fight Air Pollution

A 27-year-old Indian woman from Surat was diagnosed with the last stage of Brain Cancer, which led her to plant trees and fight air pollution.

Shruchi Vadaliya, the 27-year-old woman from Surat City, Gujarat, planted 30,000 trees to fight air pollution after she found out that she had a tumor in her brain.

Vadaliya believes air pollution is one of the main causes why people develop cancer.

The 27-year-old woman was diagnosed with the disease a couple of months ago, after which she started a campaign, encouraging others to save the environment.

She observed that air-pollution is the reason why she developed cancer.

During an interview with Vadaliya, she said, “I may die soon but I want to live on in the breaths of the people by planting more trees.”

Vadaliya has planted over 30,000 trees in the span of 2 years and has motivated a lot of people in Surat to do what she’s doing.

Vadaliya said, “I do not have enough time to live my life and fulfill dreams but I do not want others to face the same. Therefore, plants should be planted which will improve the air quality and prevent cancer.”

Vadaliya, a philanthropist, went to a number of public schools and villages in the area to meet and encourage young children to plant trees.

Vadaliya says educating children is the “best way to save the future”.

Thank you Vadaliya, you are the reason why we say “not all heroes wear capes!”

We will spread your message all over the world and continue the small act that you have started.

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