Uttarakhand Family Finds 5-Foot Crocodile Inside Their Bathroom

Uttarakhand, India: A 5-foot massive crocodile managed to get inside a residential area and shocked family members after it was found resting in their bathroom.

A video of the incident is currently viral on social media and it shows the massive crocodile resting in the bathroom.

Onlookers could be heard shouting and panicking.

The reptile was found inside the bathroom of a house that is situated on Sodcul Bypass Road in Sitarganj on the evening of Saturday.

The family that discovered the crocodile inside their bathroom panicked and started to scream upon seeing it.

Neighbors rushed to the scene upon hearing the screams and found the crocodile.

Locals tried to drive the reptile away, however, their efforts proved to be in vain and the unwelcome guest refused to budge.

A video of the incident shows the crocodile calmly resting next to 2 buckets of water that were inside the bathroom.

The forest department was contacted to help remove it.

A team from the forest department then reached the spot to safely remove the reptile and released it into the Surai Forest.

The presence of the crocodile was attributed to heavy rainfall during the monsoon season, which causes rivers and nullahs (ponds) to overflow.

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