Woman Runs Away From Home To Avoid Arranged Marriage, Returns 7 Years Later To Tell Family She Works As Commercial Tax Officer

In India, the chances are pretty high that one will be getting married in part of an arranged marriage, but it was not something a woman from UP wanted to be part of.

Sanju Rani Verma, a woman from Meerut, UP, shared her inspiring story on social media to tell people that they should follow their dreams.

The story of Verma is quite amazing, considering that she ran away from her house in 2013 when she was 28.

The mother of Verma had passed away at that time and her family members started to pressure her to give up the post-graduation course that she was pursuing at that time and get married.

The elders in her house told her that it was time to settle down with a family, but Verma did not want that.

The woman had bigger dreams, so she decided to run away.

After a fight with her family, Verma left her post-graduation course midway and ran away from home without any money.

She rented a small room and took private tuitions for kids so she could live and eat.

She also worked as a part-time teacher in private institutions and started preparing for her Public Service Commission (PSC) exam, simultaneously to make her dreams possible.

Verma, who is now 35, took part in the PSC examination this year in order to become a commercial tax officer at the state level.

Last week, it was confirmed that Verma had passed the exams and became a commercial tax officer.

Talking about her family, she said that everyone she knew was upset with her because she decided to live by herself.

But she knew that she will be happy once she proves them wrong.

She said:

They [family] were upset with me, because I started living by myself. But I know they will be happy to see me getting respect as an officer. I am aware of my responsibilities and want to support my family in every way possible.

Right now, there is only one thing that is on the mind of Verma, and that is to take part in the Indian Civil Service (ICS) exam.

She said she wants to become a divisional magistrate.

Such an amazing story to inspire people that are having a hard time in following their dreams.

Share this story with your family and inspire the young women of our generation!

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