Athlete Carries Disabled Woman Up To Mount Olympus So He Could Help Fulfill Her Dream

A kind-hearted athlete from Greece is currently viral on social media right now after he was able to carry a disabled woman up to the Mount Olympus so he could help fulfill her lifelong dream.

Looks like he is a modern-day Greek god that is just doing his part to make the world a better place.

According to reports the athlete carried the disabled woman to the summit with a piggyback ride.

Marios Giannakou, a long-distance runner, had a long track record of taking on challenges, so he decided to do some good.

The runner has trekked 168 miles across the Al Marmoum Desert and is the first place winner in a 93-mile cross country race in Antarctica.

Before this good act, he had already taken at top of the Mount Olympus 50 times.

Giannakou met 22-year-old Eleftheria Tosiou, a biology student, and they 2 became friends right away. He later found out that she had a dream to experience the summit herself, but that was almost impossible for her to do due to the condition that she was in.

During an interview with the news, Giannakou talked about the good act and said:

For me, all international races, the medals and the distinctions so far, mean little compared to that goal.

Tisiou secured a harness in a specially modified backpack.

8 other people were also there to guide the 2 during the summit.

When the team reached at 2,400 meters, they had to stop so they could take some rest over the span of the evening.

After making camp for the night, they resumed their climb at around 6 am the following morning.

3 hours after constant climbing at around 9:02 local time, they reached the 2918 meter summit.

It took the team 10 hours to reach the summit.

Giannakou posted the amazing news on Instagram with the caption: There is nothing more real than the dream.

Not all heroes wear capes, some climb mountains and help out other people live a small dream that means the world for them.

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