Man Wins $393,449 On Late Father’s Birthday After Using Numbers That Were Given To Him By His Dad

A man from Australia that won a lottery jackpot of $393,449 is currently viral on the internet right now due to the amazing story that he brings with him.

The man used a set of numbers that he had inherited from his father 9 years prior to his death.

The man, who is from Modbury, South Australia, told the Lott officials that the numbers that he went with for November 21, 2020, X Lotto draw were a combination of the numbers his father used to play.

Some of the numbers that he used were chosen by the man himself.

The man said that he had been playing the numbers for 9 years now.

He added:

I’ve been playing those numbers for nine years now. They were my late father’s numbers and some of my numbers combined.

Thanks to the things that he had done, the man ended up winning $393,449.40 in the jackpot.

He did that on his father’s birthday.

Looks like the man wanted to celebrate his birthday despite being dead.

The man added:

He passed away a few years ago now and it’s his birthday today. It’s a blessing from him!

The man said that the winnings are a huge help for him because he had recently lost his job as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The man said that he is out of work and the entire pandemic situation has just been hard for him.

He said that he will be using some of the money until he finds another job to sustain the lifestyle that he has right now.

He will also use some of the money towards the house that he already owns right now.

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