Woman Avoids Lottery Emails Thinking They Were A Scam Just To Find Out She Won $150,000 In Lottery Jackpot

A woman from Australia who won a lottery jackpot of nearly $150,000 said that she had no idea that the emails that she was receiving for the last 10 days were the confirmation of her wining the massive amount of money.

I mean, I would think too if I had such emails.

The woman, who is from Bullaburra, New South Wales, told the Lott Officials that she bought a ticket for November 20, 2020, Lotteries Mega Jackpot drawing on TheLott.com.

However, she did not realize that she won the lottery despite receiving emails alerting that she had won.

Talking about winning, the woman said that she had no idea about it.

She added:

I actually had no idea I’d won. No idea whatsoever. I’d received some emails about the win, but I just thought they were just scams, so I deleted them. It wasn’t until I received the letter in the mail, that I decided to actually check my online The Lott account. I was surprised how calm I was when I saw the win pop up on my phone.

The woman ended up winning a jackpot of $146,879.

That’s a lot of money!

The winner said that she and her husband are currently making plans for the winnings that they got from the lottery.

The woman said that they will be keeping the money for their retirement and will make changes in their bathroom and kitchen.

Good win!

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