Maharashtra: Students From Kashmir Attacked, Video of the Incident Goes Viral on Social Media Platforms

4 college students who were from Kashmir were assaulted after the Pulwama Terrorist Attack that killed 40 CRPF men, the students were attacked and threatened by workers of the Yuva Sena the youth group of Shiv Sena, the incident happened on Wednesday.

The video was posted on various social media platforms and got viral right away, a case has been registered in the Yavatmal Police Station. The police said that the 4 students were attacked by 10PM outside the place they are renting on the Waghapur Road.

The video that went viral shows the members of the Yuva Sena asking the 4 students where they were from, after they said they were from Kashmir the group started to beat them, slapped them, and started to threaten the 4 students and said they will face consequences.

The video clearly shows how the Yuva Sena harassed the 4 students from Kashmir, they also asked if “their relatives in Kashmir are terrorists and they go around killing our jawans”.

The men from Yuva Sena forced the 4 Kashmiri students to shout slogans that are famous in India like “Vande Mataram” and “Hindustan Zindabad”.

The 4 students are currently studying in the Patel College of Physical Education that is located in Yavatmal, the police have promised to protect them in the future.

According to the locals who live in the area, the group and its workers are doing these types of things to spread fear amongst those students that are from Kashmir.

SP M Rajkumar of the Yavatmal Police Station said: “The students have been studying here for quite some time. They approached us this morning and the Lohara police in Yavatmal are the process of registering a case. We are recording their statements. We will be identifying the accused.”

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