18-Year-Old Wins $296,000 On Scratchcard But Can’t Spend Money Because Of Lockdown

A teenager from Stoke has managed to scoop a $296,000 on a scratchcard, however, the poor lad wouldn’t be able to spend the money because he and his entire family are in lockdown due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

On March 19, 2020, 18-year-old Kyle Burke went to try for a National Lottery Scratchcard, where he discovered that he had won $24,700 per month for an entire year

Multiply $24,700 for 12 months, and you will get $296,000.

Kyle, who works as a shop assistant at JD Sports, said that he was in shock when he realized that he had won the huge prize.

During an interview with the local press, Kyle said: “I popped to the local shop for a few bits and bobs and decided to have a go on a scratchcard. The thought of winning every month more than I earn in a year sounded too good an opportunity to miss.”

Kyle added, “As soon as a got home, I scratched it and I realised I had won. I dashed back to the shop to ask them to check it. I was shaking and so nervous. The lady shop assistant told me to call The National Lottery so I did.”

He continued, “During the phone call they asked me for the shop details, so I ran around again and asked the same lady behind the counter for all that information while still on the phone to The National Lottery. I finally got home again and after all that to-ing and fro-ing, just sat down in disbelief.”

But the sad part about this is that the 18-year-old can’t spend the money.


Because the entirety of the United Kingdom is in lockdown right now, the 18-year-old needs to wait for some time so he can make it rain.

The parents, young brother, and sister of Kyle are currently in isolation.

Talking about the situation right now, Kyle said: “I know how tough it is for everybody at the moment, especially with my dad working for the NHS.”

He added, “But not celebrating and staying at home is the right thing to do. It gives me a lot longer to think about what I’m going to spend my money on.”

He continued, “I’ve currently got a provisional driving licence so when I pass my test, I will get a car. All I can do at the moment is look at my banking app to see what my increasing balance is, which is just mad.”

He went on, “The guys at The National Lottery have sent me a digital big cheque and have promised to send me the usual big one plus a bottle of champagne as soon as it is safe to. I will keep self-isolating, washing my hands and not venturing out until everything changes back to normal.”

I mean, once the lockdown will be over everything will be cheap because of the low economy, so who knows what Kyle will buy with that money.

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