2 Sydney Women Caught On Cam Fighting Over Toilet Paper In Supermarket

The police have pressed charges against 2 women for an alleged fight in a supermarket over toilet paper amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

According to a report published by the Guardian, the police were called to a Woolworths store at Chullora in Sydney after a 39-year-old was allegedly assaulted.

A video of the incident, which went viral on social media right away, shows 2 women arguing in an aisle on the morning of Saturday.

In the video that went viral, the women can be seen arguing ad shouting at each other.

A woman can be heard saying “I just one pack” as the other woman shielded her trolley, which was loaded with toilet paper.

A man, who is believed to be an employee at the supermarket, stepped in and broke the fight by taking the trolley away by both women.

No arrests were made, said the Guardian.

But the police reportedly wants to interview the 2 women that were involved in the scuffle.

In case you’re wondering why the women were fighting for the toilet paper, Australia is currently facing a shortage in toilet papers.

As a response to the shortness of the toilet papers, an Australian newspaper company is printing extra pages so people can use it as toilet paper.

Not only that, supermarkets in Australia are now placing a limit on customers when it comes to buying toilet papers.

As of writing this article, the Coronavirus has killed 4300 people and has infected 119,378 people all over the world.

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