26-Year-Old Woman Accidentally Vaccinated With Rabies Instead Of Pet Pooch

A 26-year-old woman, who has been identified as Jacinta Fidélis da Silva, was vaccinated with rabies instead of her pet pooch.

When Jacinta took Morena, her puppy, to get a rabies vaccine, she ended up being vaccinated instead of the dog.

The case happened in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte.

The dog was in the lap of the owner to receive the vaccine, but the pooch started to move around, accidentally allowing the staff to vaccinate her with the rabies vaccine.

Jacinta, who is a housewife, explained what happened.

She said, “He, the staff, came in and asked to sit and hold the dog in his lap. So he put his hand between me and her, that’s when the syringe punctured my belly.”

After the incident, Jacinta went to an Emergency Care Unit to seek medical help.

She was given an antidote, serum, and an antiallergic.

A week after the incident happened, Jacinta says she feels a lot of pain in her belly, where the injection ended up.

She said she also had a hematoma in the region where the needle went in.

Morena, the pet pooch of Jacinta, was vaccinated 2 days after the incident.

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