7-Year-Old Boy Gets Surprise Ride In Exotic Vehicles To Celebrate Being Cancer-Free

A 7-year-old boy from Queens, USA, who battled Leukemia for several years got his wish of riding an exotic car after being cancer-free.

King Singh, the 7-year-old boy, was surprised during an outing at the Cedarhurst Park with a fleet of 15 luxury vehicles.

He was surprised by do-gooder Josh Aryeh, founder of the organization Smiles Through Cars.

Smile Through Cars is an organization that provides rides and toys to sick or underprivileged kids in the tri-State area.

Josh, who is 33, said that their main goal is to give children and families a happy time during times of despair.

Josh met the Singh family 2 years ago, and during their meeting, he got to know that King had a lot of love for sports cars.

In 2016, Singh was just 2 when doctors found lymphoblastic leukemia cells in his blood.

For over 3 years,  Singh had to go through chemotherapy on a daily basis. He also had to take around 70 pills per month.

The good thing is that he finished his treatment in October 2019.

He developed his love for exotic vehicles during his months in the hospital, where Singh used to race Hot Wheels Toys on the bed and table that were in his room.

Sharmeena Singh, the mother of the boy, said that the boy had his first birthday in 4 years with no cancer cells in his body.

In order to celebrate the amazing milestone, Sharmeena went to Josh for a unique surprise.

They came up with the idea to go with a surprise motorcade.

A “Batmobile” and a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ were there during the parade.

Those vehicles are the favorite of little King.

Josh said that seeing King in good health brought tears to his eyes.

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