2 Men Riding A Motorcycle Narrowly Escape Death After Leopard Pounces On Them In Indian Forest

Nature is scary and we should know how to respect it. Some people are just too ignorant of such things, just like 2 men that were riding a motorcycle in India.

In a short video that was shared by Susanta Nanda, an Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer, you can see a leopard leaping out of the woods towards bikers that were traveling at night time.

Luckily the men escaped the attack as the leopard narrowly missed the attack.

The video shows a leopard hiding in the bushed on the left side of the road.

As the people inside the car waited for the leopard to cross the road safely, bikers came from behind at a slow speed and passed in front of the leopard.

As a result, the leopard pounced on the men, and luckily, the leopard missed.

The big cat then went on to cross the road.

The video was shot during the night time, as you can see it in the background.

After missing out, the leopard went on to hide into the woods on the other side of the ride.

The bikers didn’t notice what happened and just went on with their journey.

Susanta Nanda, the Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer, said, “How could the leopard miss it.”

Susanta added, “All were waiting to give right of way to its real owner, the leopard, when a motorcyclist wanted to have his way. Would have been his last ride.”

The Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer also requested everyone to learn how to respect the wild and the animals.

The video was shared on Twitter, where it has over 16k views, 1.1k retweets, and over 410 likes.

Here are some of the tweets people made after watching the video:

People should know how to respect nature, and we should know how to secure our selves when driving. As you can see the men in the video were not wearing helmets.

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