Beloved 70-year-old pet tortoise of nursery is attacked, beaten, and stabbed

A poor 70-year-old pet tortoise of a nursery in the USA was attacked, beaten, and stabbed by heartless people in a horrible attack.

The tortoise was known to allow kids sit on his back and follow them around when they were at the nursery.

Michelangelo, the 29-.4 kilogram African Sulcuta Tortoise, was named after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle character.

They went through a surgery on Saturday evening after they were brutally attacked by heartless people.

2 chunks of wood that were embedded in his shell were removed during the surgery that was carried out.

Tomi Lariz, the co-owner of Play N Learn Preschool, which is located in Massar Avenue, San Jose, California, said she was left horrified after she was told that the pet had been bleeding.

Upon checking, it was later found out that someone had carried out the horrible act.

A neighbor had called the police about a man that was yelling and breaking thinks in the playground.

Upon arrival, the police officers told the owner, who is also the part owner of the family business, that the man was in custody.

The police were assessing the property damage when Tammy approached the  fenced garden of the animal when they found out that the poor one had been badly injured.

The woman said her heart just broke when she saw the turtle.

An 8 inch deep rake handle was jammed into the tortoise and it was stuck between his head and leg.

Talking about the animal, she said:

The tortoise was very upset. He was so scared, you could tell.. It was the only time he ever hissed at us. He squeezed up his body really tight and didn’t want to come out.

The tortoise was picked up and was rushed to a vet, who ended up performing an emergency surgery on the pet.

Talking about the surgery, Dr. Tal Solomon, who is from ARCHVET animal hospital, said:

It went great. The thing that saved his life, believe it or not, was that the end of the wood was square. He hit him so hard, he crushed the shell. It went into the tissue, but it was more of a crushing injury than a cutting injury.

Despite the horrible injuries, it is believed that the pet tortoise will be making a full recovery.

Let’s hope they will and it will be a fast one.

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