Adorable Puppy Gets Adopted After Smiling At Everyone She Met At Animal Shelter

An adorable puppy got adopted right away after she showed her adorable little smile to everyone that she met at an animal shelter!

A smile is a great way to make a good first impression, and there is no better example of this saying by bringing up this news!

The adorable puppy that we are talking about was brought to an animal shelter and was adopted in just 1 way because she kept on smiling.

It is still not clear how she got there, but the adorable pooch was found wandering all alone on the side of Texas’s busiest highways.

The good thing about this is that a Good Samaritan spotted her just in time and called Beaumont Animal Care, who rushed to the scene to get the dog.

Rachel Barron, a worker at the Beaumont Animal Care, fell in love with the smile of the dog and she knew how to help her find a home that would love her for the time that she has on this planet.

Barron recorded a short video of the dog and shared it on the Facebook page of the Shelter with the caption of: “This little girl is so happy. But what would make her smile even bigger? A forever home.”

The post went viral right away.

This is also the reason the dog managed to meet her forever home.

Nicole Toney was just lying in bed and was scrolling through her feed on Facebook when she laid her eyes on the adorable smiling dog.

She showed the video of the dog to her husband, who also fell in love with her right away.

The couple got so excited that they spent very little time sleeping that night.

The next morning, they went to the animal shelter so they could meet the smiling dog.

The puppy was reportedly shy at first, but that did not change the mission of the couple, which was to adopt the dog.

They went to fill up the papers right away and they did get the dog!

The 2 ended up naming their new dog Layla.

They also brought the dog back to their house.

They were a bit concerned that Layla would have a hard time adapting to be living with them and their other pets.

The family already had 2 other rescue dogs and cats.

The family slowly introduced Layla to her new siblings one by one, and at first, everyone was not showing that much interest.

But as time passed by, the pets fell in love with the charming personality of Layla.

Fast forward to today, Layla is not a puppy anymore, but she still cute tho.

Layla still has that smile and the family said that she loves to run around and play with the fellow pets that they have in their house.

Such an amazing story to share with your family and friends!

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