Baby Koala Clings To Dog Thinking It’s Its Missing Mommy

A mother’s love is something no one can replace, but if you’re a baby koala and your mom went missing, you just need some love.

A confused koala in Adelaide hills lost its mother and wandered around with hopes of finding its mom.

While wandering, the koala got into a backyard and luckily, the house had a dog that looked like a koala.

Upon walking up, the owner of the house realized that a koala has entered her backyard.

Henry, the owner, woke up and allowed Tony, his dog, go out. But when the pooch was roaming around, the pooch realized that a koala has entered their backyard.

While sniffing around the backyard, the pooch came across the baby koala, and this was when the koala thought it came across its mother, who was missing.

The koala clings to the pooch and refused to let off.

When Henry came out and saw the amazing scene, he was shocked and happy.

Tony allowed the koala to cling on him, and he didn’t even harm the amazing little creature!

Tony walked with the koala clinging him and decided to play with the dog.

Things like these are not common, and if you find a wild animal roaming in a place where it shouldn’t be, call the authorities and let them handle it.

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