Bambi and Thumper: Wild deer And Rabbit Seen Walking Together Through A Forest

An incredible moment was recently caught on cam and it showed a real-life Bambi and Thumper exploring a forest together.

Best random wildlife video ever!Airbnbeast gets a part in a Disney movie. 😃Right where I'm quarantineing.♥️

Posted by Airbnbeast Nomadic Pet and House Sitting on Friday, 19 June 2020

The incident reportedly happened a trail in Cowichan Valley, British Columbia, one evening last month.

The video shows the young wild deer and the rabbit walking side-by-side.

As the fawn steers off track to sniff the bushes, the black rabbit waits until they could walk together through the forest.

The deer continued to walk down the path and the rabbit hopping alongside.

The pair is being compared to Bambi and Thumper, Disney characters.

62-year-old Kelly Manis, who runs a pet and house-setting business Airbnbeast filmed the unlikely friends on July 17.

Manis said:

I travel around Canada in a camper van going where I’m needed. I’m a nomadic pet and house and business sitter. I had just driven from Toronto in my camper van and had to quarantine for 14 days before seeing my mum. I was staying on a friend’s property and saw them when I went out for a hike one evening. The whole time I’m holding my breath and thinking, “Oh my god this is really happening!” They were just like the Disney characters. I did see them again a few days later just hanging out near a woodpile so they are friends!

You can follow Kelly and her travel clips by clicking here.

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