California Woman Found Living In Van With Over 300 Pet Rats

Residents of San Diego, California, are now banding together to help a woman who was found living with over 300 pet rats in her van.

The neighbors of the woman claim the woman is kind and is gentle, but her situation with rats is getting out of hand.

In a video that was shared with the public, hundreds of vans could be seen crawling inside the van, which is parked outside a convenience store.

According to Danee Cook, a San Diego Humane Society Worker, the rats were everywhere.

She added, “There was not one place in the van where they had not gotten into. The wiring, the engine, they came and went from the engine area.”

Carla, the woman, works at Circle K and was forced to move in her van after becoming homeless.

Kimberly Jackson, a resident, said, “She became homeless and moved into her van with the two rats, but they had babies.”

The Humane Society did a number of operations to remove the rats from the van.

According to Cook, the rats were all in a healthy condition, and are currently available for adoption.

Talking about Carla, Cook said, “She was extremely helpful during the entire process. She loved her pets, she just let it get out of hand and she became overwhelmed.”

During the rescue operation, the neighbors came out to help the workers and Carla.

Kimberly Jackson said, “She said, ‘Are you here to ridicule me like everyone else?’ I said, ‘I saw what was going on in there, how can I help?’ There were like 300 rats in that van.”

The neighbors of Carla have set up a GoFundMe page, and since it was posted, they have raised over $4000.

A neighbor donated a car to Carla, and other neighbors are trying to help her find a place to live.

They are also trying to get her mental health care.

Talking about the personality of Carla, Jackson said, “She is just a gentle, gentle person. No one knew she was homeless. She’s contributing to society and she fell on hard times.”

Faith in humanity restored! Well done good neighbors!

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