Caught On Cam: Angry Rare Sheep Smacks BBC Cameraman’s Nuts During Animal Park Shoot

What happens if you keep on taking vids of people or animals without asking them? For sure they’ll confront you and probably attack you for disrupting their privacy.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to a BBC cameraman who was taking a video of a goat. When the cameraman was taking the vid, the goat got angry and charged him, smacking him hard.

The incident happened when the BBC was filming Animal Park that explores “life behind the scenes at Longleat Estate and Safari Park” in Wiltshire.

The video was shared by BBC earlier this week.

It showed a sheep attacking the cameraman. The sheep that attacked the cameraman is a Cameroon Sheep from Africa, which is one of the rarest sheep breeds in the world.

Cecil, the sheep, became overconfident and charged the cameraman that was filming her.

Hitting the cameraman in his nuts, it’s clear that the lad was in her personal space.

After the attack, the keepers laughed and said, “Cecil, don’t do that. I am so sorry.”

Cecil is a sheep that is part of a rowdy all-male group at the Warminster estate.

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