Dog Chases Owner’s Ambulance And Begs Emergency Responders To Stop So He Could Get In

For a homeless person, a man’s kind act or their pet could mean the world to them and the best example of this is the story that we are going to bring in front of you today.

A video that is viral on the internet right now shows a dog in Brazil chasing an ambulance so emergency responders could stop and let him in.

If that is not sad, I do not know what is.

According to official reports, a homeless man in Brazil had a seizure on the street and a kind passerby called the authorities right away.

Pedestrians that were at the scene called the authorities, who showed up at the scene in just a couple of minutes.

Throughout the incident, the dog of the man remained close and tried to figure out what was happening.

Because the homeless man was unconscious, paramedics had to carry the man to their ambulance and had to rush him to the hospital.

When speeding through the busy streets, EMTs noticed that the dog of the homeless man was not giving up on his human.

The pooch chased the ambulance through heavy traffic and made sure that they saw where the ambulance was going.

Because they got touched by the act of the dog, the paramedics stopped everything and allowed the dog to get into the ambulance.

They were afraid that the dog might end up injuring himself if he keeps on running through traffic.

After treating the man, the kind staff at the hospital allowed the dog to stay with his owner throughout the recovery.

This just shows that the world of a homeless man is filled with love.

It also shows that an animal can mean the world to you in even your darkest days.

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