Family Scream In Terror After Finding Massive Spider Lurking Above Them While Driving To Party

Just Australia and it’s weird things.

Imagine driving your vehicle calmly just to find a massive spider lurking above you, scary right? Well, that’s what happened to a group of women in Australia.

A car full of women ended up screaming after discovering a massive spider inside their vehicle and made it its home.

You can watch the entire video below:

The driver of the vehicle could be heard telling the passengers of the vehicle to calm down so the massive spider could get out.

She even opened up the back window to encourage the spider to move out of the vehicle.

A woman that was in the video talked about the incident and said:

Me, my sisters and mum were on our way to an event and on the drive there, I looked up and see a massive spider above our heads and straight away started recording. I had just spotted it right before we got onto a bridge so we couldn’t pull over. After a few long minutes of trying to not have an accident and also not have this spider crawl on us, we pull over and eventually flick it out of the car with a stick.

I mean, id scream like a 2-year-old girl too if I saw something like that inside my car.

If you watch the video, you can hear a lot of screams.

You can also see the massive spider roaming over them freely.

The good thing about this is that the driver of the vehicle did not even do anything stupid that would have ended up in chaos.

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