Fisherman That Found Huge Shark With Missing Head Finds 12 Inch Marlin ill Inside Its Throat

A fisherman from Australia found a huge shark with a missing head, and inside its throat, he found a 12-inch marlin ill inside.

Sharing the video on his YouTube channel, Trapman Bermagui, who is also known as Jason, explained what he found inside the shark.

Jason said he realized that the shark had a fight with a swordfish when he saw the shark.

Jason shared the video of the discovery on Facebook.

While sharing the video, he said, “This Mako obviously ate a smaller shark and while we were pulling it in, something else ate the Mako. When we were cutting what was left of the meat off the Mako, we discovered a big scar on the side of its head… when I looked inside the back of the head, I found a Marlin bill protruding from inside the throat of the shark.”

He added, “The entrance wound had healed over long ago and the shark has lived with this 12inch Marlin bill lodged in its throat for many years. Everything it has eaten since, would have rubbed past the point of the bill in its throat.”

The video of the incident shows a massive pointed bill sticking right through the throat of the shark.

Imagine what the shark went through when it got in fight with the deadly animal.

Jason added, “So this was all we got back of this monster Mako. Unfortunately, we didn’t see what ate it but must have been impressive!! The head was about 100kg.”

He added, “It was a crazy morning of shark fishing. Hoping to catch smaller sharks but just hooked big sharks that got eaten by bigger sharks again.”

Sharks are massive, and image how massive the other animal would have been.

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