Florida Woman Gets Greeted And Bumped By Massive Shark After Sliding Into Sea

Sliding off a yacht and into the sea is something that a lot of us look forward too, however, things might get out of control some times.

In a bizarre turn of events, Iso Machado, a mother from Florida, was celebrating a friend’s birthday when she went into the water.

However, she had no idea that a shark was just underneath her.

The people that were on the boat noticed a dark animal swimming towards her, and they later realized that it was a shark.

Anthony, the son of Iso, shouted down to his mother not to freak out after he spotted the shark.

The entire incident was caught on camera by Kevan Sorta, a 22-year-old friend of Anthony.

He then shared it on social media, where it has over 3.4 million views.

Talking about the incident, Kevan said:

As she was going down one of the crew members yelled and pointed from the deck below which caught all of our attention. As the shark approached we couldn’t figure out what type it was. We were worried and immediately jumped in to make sure Iso was okay when it changed directions but she remained calm and it bumped her then continued on its way.

The shark that was in the video was identified by experts as a nurse shark.

The mother managed to get out of the water without sustaining any injuries and without getting attacked by the nurse shark.

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