Florida Woman Gets Her Smartphone Back After It Was Eaten By Hungry Pelican

Imagine strolling on a beach while using your phone just to have a hungry pelican snatching it away and eating it.

Yep, this happened to a woman.

Last month, a woman was hanging out at a marina in Florida, and a pelican noticed her using her phone, which it thought was a tasty fish.

The pelican flew and grabbed the phone from the woman and ate it.

The rescuers from the Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center heard about the story, so they decided to help.

Duty Calls…Literally!

Eek! Birds swallow some bizarre things 😱🤢Hospital Tech Adam and Intern Emma had to work in tandem to fish this cellphone out of our Pelican patient's throat. Although we are laughing in disbelief (and relief!), this is one example of a much larger issue:When humans and wildlife come in contact, it doesn't always turn out so well for the wildlife. 🐠'Habituation' is the process of wildlife becoming so accustomed to human interaction that it changes their natural behaviors and diminishes their fear of people. This Pelican, used to accepting fish handouts from humans, thought nothing of snatching another shiny object out of someone's hand when they weren't looking. 🐠Please don't feed our wildlife! It is against the law and does them serious harm. This case turned out well for both the Pelican and the owner of the phone. We anticipate releasing Cell Peli back into the wild soon! 🙌🏻**This video is exclusively managed by T&T Creative Media. For licensing/permission to use please contact licensing@tt-creative.com

Posted by Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center on Friday, 28 February 2020

The rescuers arrived at the scene, captured the pelican, and brought him back to their facility so the phone can be retrieved.

Upon arriving at the center of the rescuers, the rescuers had to get their hands dirty so the phone could be retrieved.

One rescuer inserted their hand so the metal phone can be removed.

Sadly, the phone was not working one it was rescued.

Jordan Budnik, the director of the Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center, said, “The pelican is well and was released.”

Just talking about this entire incident is hilarious.

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