France Government Announce They Will Put A Ban On The Use Of Wild Animals In Circuses

The environment minister of France has announced that they will place a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses.

The motion will eventually prohibit the presentation and manipulation of wild animals in traveling circuses all over France.

Barbara Pompili, the minister of Ecological Transition, announced the ban during a press conference that was held on September 29, 2020.

The ban was named as a progressive end to a cruel industry.

The package comes as a series of measures tackling the welfare of captive wildlife.

The minister noted that this era has changed the attitude of humans towards wild animals.

Talking about the ban, Pompili said:

It is time that our ancestral fascination with these wild beings no longer translates into situations where their captivity is favoured over their welfare.

Bears, lions, elephants, and tigers along with many other wild animals are not barred from traveling in circuses throughout the country.

The ban will take place within the next few years, said the minister.

There are around 500 wild animals in French circuses across the country of France.

The ban that France recently announced only applies to traveling shows, this means that wild animals are still allowed to be used in zoos and other types of events that are allowed in the country.

For the animal basis, each case will be looked at closely and solutions will be found on that basis.

Also, France’s three marine parks, also known as dolphinariums, will stop breeding or bringing any killer whales or dolphins.

Instead, existing parks will become sanctuaries for the animals.

There is a 7 to 10 year earmarked plan for the species in the future.

Also, the government of France will be releasing an €8 million package ‘for the retraining of circuses and dolphinarium staff’. This will be done to help the workers and the staff of the dolphinariums.

The minister added:

We are asking [the circuses] to reinvent themselves, this is going to be a period when they will need support, and the state is going to be at their side. That transition will be spread over several years, because it will change the lives of many people.

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