Horrible Video Shows Matador Repeatedly Stabbing Bull’s Head During Bullfighting Event In Spain

PETA, an animal rights organization, shared a horrible video of a matador stabbing a bull in its head during a bullfighting event in Bilbao, Northern Spain.

The footage that was released by PETA was taken from an event that happened in September in Spain.

The video shows the matador, a bullfighter, holding the animal by one of its horns and jamming a knife repeatedly into its head as the bull thrashes about in the dir.

As posting the video on Twitter, PETA wrote, “NOTHING about this is entertaining. RETWEET if you know bullfighting needs to end!”

Earlier this year, PETA launched a petition that called a ban for the sport that is still running in a lot of parts of Spain.

Bullfighting, Bull running, and killing is considered by many as an entertaining tradition in some parts of Spain.

Thousands or hundreds of bulls are slaughtered slowly to death in bullrings.

Men riding horses or on foot drive lances and barbed sticks into the backs of the bulls before they are stabbed with a sword or a dagger.

The ears of the bulls are then removed as a trophy for the matadors.

A statement that was released by PETA said, “The panicked animals often slip and crash into walls, resulting in broken bones and other injuries. Later, these same bulls will be barbarically killed in the bullring – a fact many tourists are unaware of.”

The statement added, “Compassionate people understand that this violence is needless and unjustifiable, and opposition to bullfighting is growing both within Spain and around the world.”

PETA has also written a letter to Pedro Sanchez, the Prime Minister of Spain, and asked them to listen to the voices of people in Span and all over the world.

The sport is considered by many as a very cruel sport.

100 towns have already banned bullfighting events.

A poll that was done by Ipsos MORI found out that 80 percent of the Spanish people are against bullfighting events.

In a plea that was done for the public, PETA said, “It’s time for the Spanish government to step up and protect animals. Please sign our petition to the Prime Minister calling for a national ban on bullfights and bull runs.”

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