Gender Equality: School In Spain Is Teaching Boys How To Do Basic House Chores

For years, people have been fighting for rights, especially gender rights.

Since the beginning of time, people have abused, mistreated, and did women so wrong that it is time to pay back.

Women are equal with men and they deserve to be treated right, and this is why a school in Spain is doing their part to help out in this fight.

Colegio Montecastelo, a school in Vigo, Spain, is fighting for gender equality with a program that teaches boys and young men essential life skills.

Some of the things that they teach include:

  1. Cleaning
  2. Cooking
  3. Sewing

Some people believe that the initiative was a good idea, however, some do not.

People said that there are certain activities that are manly or womanly, hence not all of them should be taught to each other.

But some people believe that these skills should be taught at home, and not at school.

The students are taught by volunteers from school administration and even some of the fathers that are also helping out the teachers.

Bored Panda talked with Dan Bacon, the founder of Modern Man, where they talked about how important it is to share chores at home.

During the interview, Dan said:

If your gut instinct tells you that you should be chipping in more to help out with chores around the house, then do it. Do it from a place of love because you love the other person and don’t want them to be under additional stress during this time,” Dan explained about the importance of everyone pitching in with chores, especially during the pandemic when some people are still working from home. Additionally, if a woman notices that her man is helping out more than normal, she should use a loving approach and compliment him on it, rather than just taking his efforts for granted. The reality is, that neither a man nor a woman has to do anything at all in a relationship. It’s all a choice.

People should love, support, and respect each other when doing all chores, which also includes helping each other in all things.

Dan, a relationship expert, said that chores should be carried out by both parties so we can support our partners with each other.

Do you carry out chores in your house to help out your partner or family? Let us know what you do and how you help your family by leaving a comment below!

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