Indonesian Hunter Kills Endangered Hornbill And Brags About His Kill On Facebook

A man from Indonesia killed the endangered hornbill and tried to brag about it on social media. Instead of getting likes, the man got hate from everyone.

In a report that was published by Suar Indonesia, Bobiean Sikro, the man who gunned down the endangered Hornbill, posted a number of photos on his Facebook account earlier this year.

In the report, it said that Sikro was trying to brag about his killing. The caption of his photos was “Just enter this forest immediately and shot this (bird).”

In the images above, you can see Sikro holding the dead bird with joy on his face.

The hornbill that Sikro killed was a wreathed hornbill, which is protected under the laws of Indonesia.

Hornbill birds are usually found in heavy rainforests in Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and the north-eastern part of India.

Anyone who gets caught killing the bird could be jailed for 5 years and could pay up to $17,000 in fine.

After a number of people criticized what Sikro did, the man was forced to deactivate his personal Facebook account and other accounts.

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry in Indonesia released a statement on Twitter, they said, “Hornbills are protected animals, we will crack down on perpetrators. This case has been in the complaint form since yesterday and is being followed up.”

The Ministry also thanked the concerned citizens who reported the incident.

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