Leopard Enters Residential House In India And Takes Away Pet Dog In Front Of Horrified Owner

A leopard was caught on cam entering a house and taking a family dog away, which caused a stir in the area.

The incident happened in Nainital on the Tallital Zoo Road.

The entire moment was caught on a CCTV camera of the house.

Chandan Singh Adhikari,

Tapisha, the daughter of Adhikari, said she saw the leopard near the door of their house.

She also watched the leopard taking their dog away and killing it before she could alarm the members of their house.

Tapisha said:

Before leopards used to run away from the human smell, but now they are entering a residential area and not running away even after a ruckus is created. This is alarming. If things continue like this, the leopards will soon be attacking humans too.

During an interview with ANI, Tapisha said that this is the second incident in 2 weeks when a leopard took their dog away and killed it for a meal.

She added:

Last time we were not able to witness it. This time everything happened in front of our eye.

When asked what she thought the reason was behind the attacks, Tapisha said that the shrinking forest cover is forcing the animals to enter the residential area.

She explained:

They come here in search of food because forests are shrinking.

Chandan Singh, the father of Tapisha, said:

I would request the administration to put traps around the area to stop similar incidents happening in the future. Such incidents are getting frequent in the area.

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