Massive great white shark takes a bite out of a boat motor in Florida

A Florida woman that was out fishing with her friends on her boat captured the moment a massive great white shark took a bite of the motor of the boat that they were using.

Watch the video below:

Erika Almond said that she and her friends were fishing for amberjack around 65 miles south-southwest of Tampa Bay in her 34-foot SeaVee, named Offshore Therapy, when the incident happened.

Almond said that the great white shark approached the boat and took a chunk out of one of the motors of the boat.

During an interview with WTVT-TV, she said:

It was breathtaking. It came right up and took a chunk out of one of our motors.

Shark sightings are not rare in the area, said Almond.

She also said that the experience was unique.

She continued:

It’s not unusual, we expect sharks when you’re fishing and chumming like that but what made this unique was it was about a 14- to 16-foot great white shark. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing.

Captain Tyler Levesque, the head of the vessel, managed to reach down and touch the shark when the incident was happening.

I might say, they have some pretty nice guts with them.

Talking about the shark, Almond said:

At one point he even rolled over like he wanted us to rub his belly.

The shark ended up causing minor damage to the boat that they were using, which by the way belongs to her.

She also said that she was grateful for the encounter.

She continued:

We knew it was a special moment. It’s truly an amazing experience to see all the things we see offshore and you never know what you’re going to find.

Scary, right?

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