Meet The Glorious And Scary Dracula Parrot

There are a lot of animals out there, but nothing beats a glorious and scary looking Dracula Parrot, which can only be found in New Guinea.

Also known as the Pesquet’s parrot and the Vulturine parrot, the amazing and glorious looking parrot can only be found in the cloud forests in the foothills and lower mountains of New Guinea.

A full-grown Dracula Parrot can reach a body size of 18 inches, with measurements of nearly a meter from beak to the tip of its tail.

Some of the amazing characteristics of this amazing bird include its bright-colored scarlet plumage that contracts perfectly with its dusty grey chest, tail, and back.

The Dracula Parrot reportedly has a harsh and rasping sound, which experts call as growling. It produces a terrifying call that is usually given in flight.

The Dracula Parrot is a highly specialized frugivore. It only feeds exclusively on a few species of figs.

It is one of the 3 parrots with bare featherless faces.

It is said that the parrot has evolved this way to avoid feathers and becoming matted with the fruit pulp the parrot feeds on.

But the sad part about this is that the birds’ numbers are getting low.

According to the Red List of the United Nations, there are only around 20 thousand to 49 thousand mature parrots left in the wild.

According to the Red List of the IUCN, “Hunting for feathers has increased with population growth. Current rates of decline due to hunting are uncertain but could be relatively minor, and the species appears secure in large areas of suitable habitat in central and western mainland Papua New Guinea, much of which occurs in rugged terrain in areas with a low human population density.”

The IUCN’s Red List says the numbers of the birds are rapidly decreasing.

The species is under significant hunting pressure for its feathers.

Not only that, its natural habitat is being destroyed by humans.

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