Mexican Wildlife Poachers Smuggle Massive 8ft Crocodile On Motorbike

Wildlife traffickers were caught on cam smuggling a massive 8ft crocodile on a motorbike.

The incident happened in Novalato, Mexico.

2 grown men managed to nab a fully grown crocodile out of a lake with ropes and placed it on their motorcycle.

According to reports, the large crocodile, which was still alive, was placed on the motorcycle, which was being driven by one of the men that napped the crocodile.

Locals believed that the pair had sedated the crocodile when they were trying to fix it on their small motorcycle.

Road users saw the entire incident and some even took images, which were later shared on social media.

The 2 men in the video are still to be identified by the local authorities.

The current location of the crocodile and the 2 men are unknown.

The Navalato police have launched an official investigation for the incident that had happened, which is viral on the internet right now.

According to the police, the culprits that are being tracked down are facing 1 and 9 years in prison for stealing the crocodile.

They are facing another 3 years for doing the act in a protected area of land.

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