Mother Left In Complete Shock After Spotting Hundreds Of Spiders On the Ceiling Of Daughter’s Bedroom

Horrifying pictures that are viral on social media right now shows hundreds of spiders on the ceiling of a room.

The incident that we are talking about happened in Australia.

The Australian mother was left in complete shock after she found a swarm of leggy spiders crawling out of a roof crack of her daughter’s room.

She caught the entire thing on camera and shared it on social media, where they went viral.

The pictures were shared with a friend, who confirmed that the spiders were removed from the house.

A friend of the mother shared the images on social media along with the caption:

They’re bigger than the tiny babies I’ve seen. You can see how big they are by the window. They are fast and they jump and they’re big. I catch them and put them outside. This, however, would totally freak me out.  

The woman said that spiders appeared to be huntsman spiders, a fairly harmless spiders that are capable of growing really big.

They are commonly found in Australian homes.

A mother will be laying a sac of silk with around 200 eggs and stay with her babies to protect them from a number of weeks as they grow by moulting off their skin.

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