Navy Sailors Rescue Dog From Sea During Storm And Are Trying To Adopt It For Good

The Navy Sailors of Chile are currently viral on social media right now for rescuing a dog from the sea during a storm.

Not only that, but the sailors will also be adopting the dog if its owners do not show up to claim it.

Official reports suggest that the incident happened in the Bay of Talcahuano, which is located in the central Chilean region of Biobio when a naval patrol was heading back to its base.

Images that are shared on social media, shows the pooch struggling to stay afloat as the boat approaches it.

1 police officer leaned over to reach the dog and pulled it to safety over to the boat.

The poor dog looked exhausted to even move around once he got the ride the boat.

Federico Cavada, a Navy Spokesperson, said:

We were going back to the port in Talcahuano when, near the Belen lighthouse about two kilometres from the dock, one of our team spotted a dog swimming in the middle of the bay.

The pooch was bathed in warm water before being wrapped in a blanket to prevent it from suffering hypothermia.

Authorities also fed the animal and got in touch with a veterinary to check out the pooch after a day.

The adorable dog is currently recovering and officers are now finding ways to adapt the pet dog if the owners do not show up.

It is still unclear how the dog ended up in the bay.

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