Nearly 300 Dead Birds Fall Out The Sky With Organs Spewing Out In Wales

Hundreds of birds were found on a road in Wales with their organs spewing out, and authorities are baffled with this unusual incident.

According to people who saw the birds falling out the sky, a massive flock of starlings was spotted flying overhead before landing and eating something on a road near Llyn Llywenan, Bodedern.

An hour after they were spotted, they were found dead on a road.

A video of the incident was captured by Dafydd Edwards after Hannah, his wife, told him about the dead birds when she got home.

After hearing about the unusual happening, Dafydd went out to the road so he can see what happened.

Initially, Dafydd did not believe his wife, but when he arrived on the scene, he said, “There’s easily more than 300 of them.”

He added, “I counted 150 last night but I gave up as there are just hundreds of them littered everywhere. It’s as if they just dropped down dead from the sky.”

He continued, “I didn’t believe her so I went to see for myself.”

Hannah, the wife of Dafydd, said she noticed the birds flying overhead and thought that they looked amazing. But when she came back from a doctor’s appointment, she saw the same flock of starlings dead.

Hannah said the organs of the birds were spewing out when she came back.

Edwards filmed the scene on his mobile phone.

In the video, you can see Dafydd walking amongst the birds as he tried to figure out what was happening.

Later in the video, you can hear Dafydd saying “the stench is awful” as he looked into the hedges.

Dafydd went to the fields to check out if there were dead birds, but he didn’t find any.

Talking about the birds, Dafydd said, “It’s very strange, I can’t put my finger on it. There are still some alive in the hedges today but it’s all unexplained at the moment.”

Dafydd contacted the North Wales Rural Crime Team and the Animal and Plant Health Agency with hopes of knowing what killed the birds.

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