Dog Lover Dies After Getting Buried Alive While Trying To Save Pet Pup After It Fell In A Hole

A 36-year-old dog lover from Wales has passed away after they got buried alive while trying to save their pet puppy from a hole in a country field.

Gary Davies was trying to reach his trapped sheepdog when he got caught in the tunnel fall.

The farmer, who is from Rhayader, Wales, had been searching for his beloved pet puppy after it ran loose in the countryside.

It had burrowed into a hole that was present there.

The farmer began digging to free the animal, however, the loose earth fell on top of him.

On January 16, which is 5 days after the incident, Davies had passed away inside a hospital.

The livestock farmer was at the Gorse Farm, which is located in St. Harmon, Rhayader, when the dog raced off towards common land.

Emma Mathias, a Coroner’s Officer, told the hearing that the dog of Davies’ ran loose before going down a hole.

During the hearing, it was said that the farmer went in the hole to help the dog.

She added:

Mr Davies had gone in the hole trying to reach the dog and some of the loosing fell on top of him and buried him.

The autopsy report of the man indicated that he had sustained a brain injury.

A full hearing will be taking place at the coroners’ court in Welshpool when all the evidence has been collected.

The family of Gary declined to comment on the tragedy.

The condition of the pet puppy that Gary was trying to save is currently unknown.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Davies, may his soul rest in peace.

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