Owner Is Reunited With Her Beloved Cat 5 Months After They Thought It Died In A House Fire

A woman from Pennsylvania was reunited with her cat 5 months after they thought that their cat had passed away in a house fire.

Well, they say cats have 7 lives and maybe this one still has 6 more left!

Wanda Humphries said that Hope, their cat, was believed to have passed away in April this year.

This year, their house was destroyed in a fire, which also claimed the lives of their dog and another cat.

However, that changed on October 14, 2020.

Wanda said that she was left in complete shock after she got a call from personnel at the Humane Animal Rescue.

The personnel said that Hope, her cat, had been found and she was alive.

Employees said that Hope was brought to them as a stray cat on October 14, 2020.

She was picked up by the Pittsburgh Animal Care and Control.

The shelter scanned the cat for a microchip and found the real owner of the cat.

They contacted her right away!

Hope and Wanda were reunited after staying 5 months apart and we know it was really difficult for the 2 animals.

Talking about the incident, the shelter said that the reunion should serve as a reminder that everyone should put microchips in their animals.

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