Pennsylvania Woman Is Reunited With Her Lost Cat After 8 Long Years

Never lose hope!

A woman from Pennsylvania whose cat ran away from her house 8 years ago was recently reunited with the feline.

Never give up, we told you!

The woman was reunited with the pet cat when she discovered that the cat was up for adoption at a local cat café.

Kristen Williams, the woman, said that Snickerdoodle, a tortoiseshell cat, ran away from her house in Watsontown around 8 years ago.

She said she searched for the cat and called around local shelters, but never located her missing pet.

But everything change recently.

Williams said she was on Facebook a couple of weeks ago when her attention was grabbed by a post from the Scratching Post Cat Café in Lewisburg.

The post included a picture of a cat that was up for adoption.

Williams realized that it was her cat, Snickerdoodle.

The cat, who was now known as Maria, had the same markings as her cat.

She also had the same obsession, hanging out in sinks.

Williams said that she was not looking to adopt a cat at the time of the discovery, but she could not resist the fact that it was her long lost pet cat.

Arion Moser, a volunteer at Scratching Post, the one that posted the story, said that the story is one of the most unique that the café had ever seen.

Williams, the woman, said that Maria has already laid claim to the kitchen sink her home.

Such an amazing thing to witness!

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