Peregrine Falcon Pictured Flying With Discarded Face Mask

A peregrine falcon was caught on cam swooping down and stanching up a discarded blue colored facemask.

The coronavirus has forced everyone to wear masks all the time, which is a very problem created in the year 2020, but it is our duty as humans to make sure that we don’t just throw them away.

Steve Shipley, a wildlife photographer, took a trip to North Yorkshire so he could get some shots of the bird, but instead, he saw something different.

Shipley took images of the bird, however, when he was checking them he realized that he had captured the bird with a face mask wrapped around its talons.

Talking about his pictures, he said:

I was there to photograph the juvenile peregrine falcon who must be only three or four weeks old, as they are such beautiful birds. Initially I thought this one was carrying a plastic bag but then I spotted the blue colour and realised it was a face mask, which I think must have been discarded at a nearby tourist spot. It obviously thought it was food and could have died if it ate it. The peregrine flew with it for about 10 minutes, it seemed to get entangled at one stage in its talons. The peregrine is one of the most protected birds in the country and this is one of the saddest things I have seen while I have been doing wildlife photography. Why can’t people dispose of these masks properly? They are supposed to protect us but obviously not wildlife.

It is believed that the bird found the blue face mask at a tourist spot that is located near the area where the bird was pictured.

Steve is an accomplished wildlife photographer. You can view his work on his Facebook page.

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