Pooch Poses With Grandmother’s Dentures After Stealing Them

No matter how dogs look and act, dogs will be dogs. They love to play around and run with your things after stealing them.

A similar thing happened with a grandmum who hid her dentures under her pillow so they won’t go missing.

But the dog found them and stole them away.

This happened when Anna Carolina Lima, a psychology student, was visiting her grandmother in Minas, Gerais, in Southern Brazil, when the dentures of her grandmother went missing.

The student said her grandmother usually places the dentures under her pillow so she wouldn’t lose them.

Lima, who is 27-years-old, helped her grandmother search for her teeth, but after an extensive search in the house, they still couldn’t find them.

Lima added, “She was pretty desperate that she couldn’t find her dentures, She and my mom searched everywhere. They searched for hours.”

But after some time, the family saw Luna, the puppy, running away with the dentures of her grandmother in her mouth.

But Luna didn’t want to give back the dentures.

Lima said, “Hours later, Luna was playing around the house in the darkness and when I called, she came to me with a cute face and her tail wagging, jumping around, but she did not have them. She is very clever, she picks things up and hides them.”

Lima then saw Luna sitting on the sofa with a big smile, no pun intended, and unwilling to let go of her toothy toy.

Lima added, “Later on, I found Luna on the sofa with the teeth in her mouth, biting on them and refusing to give them up. I was eventually able to distract her and take them away, luckily they were not damaged.”

After looking at the pooch, Lima took pictures and said that they all laughed.

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